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How We Work

Craig is personally involved in every project, which begins with an on-site consultation to gain an understanding of your goals and desires as well as existing conditions, scope and budget. We then present a proposal for design services with a start date. There is a small fee for out of town consultations. 

Due to complextities and commitments of one-of-a-kind garden design we are unable to work on projects that do not involve licensed contractors or a construction value of less than $200,000.00

Design Concept

The first step is to complete a full physical and photographic survey of the entire property that serves as a basis for the design concept. This conceptual design includes plans, sections, elevations, and precedent photos to convey how the finished gardens will look. This is the first tangible visualization of your garden and serves as a discussion document.

Detailed Design

Changes from the design concept are captured in the Construction Documents, or CD's, which consist of separate sets of Hardscape and Landscape CD's. This is where the project is detailed down to the last paver, pool tile and individual plant. We take enormous pride in the quality of our Construction Documents. They are the basis for a smooth transition from designer to builder. This organized set of drawings allows the project to be accurately priced, permitted and built.


Both the Hardscape and Landscape Construction Documents go out to reputable contractors with whom we worked previously. If there is a contractor of your choosing we would include them in the bidding, provided they are qualified for the job at hand. On receipt of our plans the contractors are required to make a site visit and provide an itemized bid that we analyze. Our findings are presented to you highlighting any concerns and merits of each.


As with any custom project, questions and unforeseen changes will arise during construction. We expect this and are always available to address them. We check in regularly to observe consistency with the design intent. Project Administration support continues until everything is completed. However, we leave the daily scheduling, coordination and implementation to the contractor’s. That’s their time to shine.

Who we've worked for

Larry and Carol Abramovitz
Christine Bassett and Carey Alexander
Alexander Baer
Fitz Coker and Dotty Ballantyne
Vincent and Laura Bartletta
Timothy Blum
Brian Wruble and Kathleen Bratton|
Lucy Buffett
Rick Ekhoff and Cindi Blum
Jean Carper
Luis and Anna Cobo
Jeff and Julie Cornfeld
Glenn and Mary Jane Creamer
Gleick and Cynthia CrossenErik Deboer
Fred Eberstadt
John and Kaca Enquist
Jim and Melinda Ethier
Joseph Forstmeyer

Randall and Ola Fotjasek
Brad and Hume Gile
Keith Strickland and Mark Hayda
James and Kathy Haymaker
Norman Hoffer
Claus Jenson and Henrik Holbaek
Hank Holliday
Nancy Holtz
David and Sara Kelso
Brian and Shelagh Jardim
Mark and April Jones
Susan and Dick Jones
Ralph and Ricky Lauren
Susan DeRose and Richard Lewis
John and Karen Lockwood
Richard Manley
William and Vikki Marraccini
Thorpe McKenzie

David Cooper, Michael Robinson, Lucas Mejia
Andrew and Eunice Melnick
Jeff Asplundh and Wendy Meyer
Patrice and Herb Miller
Gregory Long and Scott Newman
John Padgett
Nancy Friday and Mr. Norman Pearlstine
Mike and Jane Rice 
Mark Sapperstein
Phillip and Jane Thorpe
Gary Turchin
Hans Utsch and Julia Merck
George Robb and Veronica Webb
John and MJ Webster
Stency and Danny Wegman
Claudia and Mike Whittaker
Larry and Mary Lou Zangerle
Matt and Wendy Zintsmaster

Where we've worked